Olekson Enterprises
Float and Ski Repairs
Contact information
409 Helicopter Drive 
St. Andrews, Manitoba, Canada
R1A 3P7 
(204) 338-3630 
(204) 782-8670 
(204) 338-3630 
Our goal
We've been getting pilots off the water and snow and into the Canadian skies for over 60 years. We look forward to continuing the tradition of quality workmanship and excellent customer service.
What we offer
  • We provide complete overhaul of floats and skis for all makes and models, and specialize in EDO floats.
  • We have Transport Canada approved facilities A.M.O. NO. 78-91.
  • And also offer complete aluminum sheet metal fabrication and repair.
Our History
Olekson Enterprises was started over 60 years ago by Nick Olekson.  Nick was working for McDonald Bros., now known as Bristol Aerospace, where he worked on the manufacturing and production of various floats built for the Edo Float Corporation.
Nick decided to start a company to repair the floats, as there was a need to do repairs faster than McDonald Bros. could handle. At the time there was no other float repair facility in Manitoba.  From a small shop attached to hangar #4 at the Winnipeg International Airport, Nick began his business. Nick, and in the years to follow, his son Jim would create and maintain quality and expertise and become well known for their excellent workmanship.
Jim Olekson took over his father's business in 1973. At that point, Olekson Enterprises had established itself, and as a result more room was needed in order to keep up with demand. Jim then moved the shop from Winnipeg to St. Andrews Airport in 1978.  Our 2400 sq. ft. hangar is located on apron 4 with airside access.
In 1996 Jim officially retired with the selling of the business to myself, Russell Skrypec. I have known and worked for Jim for many years. As a result of my A.M.E. knowledge and hands-on experience in working on floats and dealing with the customers, the transition went smoothly.
My wife Stephanie and I are very excited to bring Olekson Enterprises into a new century by continuing the tradition of quality workmanship and excellent customer service.
We look forward to doing business with you.